Art by Vytautas Katarzis
Jeremie Noguer on April 23 2019 | Technology, Substance Painter
Art by Guillaume Meyer
Nicolas Paulhac on March 27 2019 | Technology, Substance Source
Art by Javier Perez
Nicolas Paulhac on March 18 2019 | Technology, Substance Source
Courtesy of John Seymour
Pierre Bosset on February 28 2019 | Stories, Substance Source, Cinema 4D, Design
Courtesy of Pasquale Scionti
Pierre Bosset on February 18 2019 | Stories, Substance Source, Unreal Engine, Architecture
All art by Ronan Mahon
Nicolas Paulhac on February 7 2019 | Technology, Substance Source, Release, Content, Scans
© by foam Studio, courtesy of MAXON Computer GmbH
Pierre Bosset on January 22 2019 | Substance Source, Stories, Cinema 4D, Design
Pierre Bosset on January 16 2019 | Substance Source, News, Stories, Game, Film/VFX, Design
Courtesy of Chris Welton
Pierre Bosset on December 18 2018 | Substance Source, Stories, Architecture