Courtesy Ubisoft Québec, Framestore & Warner Bros. Pictures, UE4Arch

February 14 2019
Inside the Vault: a Contest with Unity and Substance
February 13 2019
Between Modeling and Texturing: Substance Designer in Rocket League
February 8 2019
Our next Rendez-vous at GDC!
February 7 2019
Substance Source Sportswear: Winter 2019
February 5 2019
USDZ Export in Substance Painter: Creating AR-Ready Content with Shopify
January 31 2019
X-TAON Art Car Texturing Contest: Runners-Up
January 30 2019
X-TAON Art Car Texturing Contest: And the Winners Are...
January 25 2019
SOCOM Devil Dog: Photorealistic Character Art with Luis Nieves
January 22 2019
From Substance to Cinema 4D: Hop Into the Creative World of Foam Studio
January 21 2019
Substance in Autodesk VRED
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Allegorithmic joins the Adobe family

Art by Omar Taher. Concept by Jeff Delgado.